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Moving your goods across borders by land, air, rail or sea, can get increasingly difficult to control. With our Marine Cargo Insurance cover, Kenyan Alliance undertakes to indemnify the insured against loss or damage to cargo/goods occurring during the voyage and any sums paid in freight.

Risk attaches from the time goods leave the warehouse of consignor, continues during the ordinary course of the voyage until consignees warehouse.

Marine Open Cover

  • This is an agreement between Insured and Insurer where the insured undertakes to insure all shipments/dispatches falling within the provisions of the agreement during the period of insurance
  • It is suitable for insured’s who make frequent shipments.
  • Advantage to the insured is that they are relieved of the burden of placing insurance for each and every dispatch.
  • Declarations of cargo imported is done at the agreed intervals. e.g. Monthly, quarterly, annually
  • Rates are pre-agreed

Single Voyage Policy

  • This is a single policy that insures the subject matter from one place to another irrespective of the duration involved.
  • The main characteristic of this policy is that once the consignment is delivered to its destination, cover ceases and the policy lapses.
  • The content is similar to the Open Cover but for few features like:
    • Rate not pre-agreed
    • Period of insurance

Types of Covers

  • ICC (A): Covers all risks of loss or damage to the subject matter insured under the policy, subject to the Exclusions.
  • ICC(B): Named perils cover…Fire, explosion stranding, capsizing, collision, Earthquake, Jettisons, GA sacrifice, Entry of sea water into vessel, package lost overboard
  • ICC(C): Named perils cover…More restricted cover

Classification of Marine perils

  • Marine Perils: Include "perils of sea":  Fire, Explosion, Jettison, storm, collision, sinking, contact with objects fixed or floating, pirates, entry of sea water into ship holds, negligence of crew
  • Extraneous Perils: Refer to Pilferage, Non –delivery; rain water damage, hook damage, Oil damage, loading and offloading risks, heating, breaking, denting etc.
  • Inland transit risks: Accidents and theft
  • War and SRCC perils 

  • The Insured name and Address, Occupation, PIN no
  • The nature of cargo- Actual physical risk
  • Mode of packing. – Containerized or Non-Containerized
  • Consignment Value / Sum Insured.
  • Mode of Conveyance : Sea freight or Air freight, Road or Rail
  • Cover required: ICC(A) (All Risks) ICC(B) or ICC(C)
  • Type of policy i.e. Marine Open Cover/Voyage policy
  • Trans-shipment
  • Age of Vessel – Bulk consignments
  • Basis of valuation – CIF, FOB, C&F incl. duty, taxes

Claims Documentation

The following documents are required in the event of a claim

  • Pro-forma Invoice / Invoices
  • IDF – Import Declaration Form
  • Packing List
  • Bill of Lading / Airway bill
  • Cargo Manifest
  • Cargo Surveillance & Loss adjuster Report

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