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Please use our M-Pesa pay bill no. 513300 and your ID no. as the account name.

You have to renew your policy after every 3odays. Please use our pay bill number above to do so.

This is a monthly plan; therefore, you will not be covered if you don’t pay. However, your retirement savings will continue to earn interest.

Kenyan Alliance will send you SMS acknowledgements for receipt of your monthly premiums and reminders when your policy is about to lapse.

For disability and medical claims, you will need to give a medical report (from a certified medical doctor), fill in a claim form and you will be paid in 20days.

For retirement, you will need to notify us and fill in a claim form and we will pay in 30days.

In the event of a fire or burglary claim, you will have to report to Kenyan Alliance immediately, obtain a police abstract and fill in a claim form. You will be paid in 30days.

For burial expenses benefit, you will need to provide us with a burial permit and we will pay in 2days.